Art and Antique Appraisals

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Appraisal Company Why do you need an appraisal for Art and Antiques?


Insurance Appraisals: to assure proper reimbursement for property damaged by Fire, Theft, Moving, Storage, Flood and any other type of destruction.


Fair Market Value Appraisals: for Sales, Property Settlements, Dissolution
of Marriage or Annulment, Death, Charitable Contribution & Estate Planning.


Curatorial Services: an inventory with detailed documentation describing a
collection or to recommend placement for donation or sale of property.


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Art Appraisals

Appraisal Company What is the Scope of the Appraisal?


We assess replacement value of works of art, antiques, sculpture, porcelain, antique furniture, glass, silver, decorative art pieces and other items of fine quality for a wide variety of purpose.  ART DIRECTIVES, Inc. estimates the fair market value of personal property for sale, estate planning, estate taxes donation, divorce, equitable distribution, and property settlements.


Appraisal Consultant  Why Utilize a Consultant Regarding Works of Art and Antiques? 


By using our consulting services, our clients have saved millions of dollars when acquiring works of art and antiques!  ART DIRECTIVES, Inc. will guide you in determining the needs and purposes of your program and offer preliminary suggestions on how to achieve your goal.


With our world-wide networking system and knowledge of sources, including contacts in galleries, auction houses, museums, private dealers, and collections, we can locate and present a variety of fine works for your approval.  We can also recommend appropriate placement for donation or sales of your property.

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Appraisers of Art

Art Appraisers  Why Art Directives? 


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Rochelle Eisenberg and the professional staff of research and valuation specialists at ART DIRECTIVES combine their extensive knowledge of antiques, fine art, decorative art and personal property with strong research skills and years of experience in the art marketplace. 


Appraisal Company  Art Directives in the NEWS


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The intent of this website is to provide an overview of our services and capabilities as well as an educational
resource for your art appraisal needs.  Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or comments!