Art and Antique Appraisals


Appraisals for Estates

When planning for your Estate, and in establishing a Trust, an appraisal can assist you.  As individual families may acquire many diverse items over the course of a lifetime, there is a need for estate planning.


If a Divorce settlement is necessary, we can help.  We are highly qualified and are experienced experts in this area.


A Fair Market Value appraisal will benefit you in preparing a fair and equitable distribution of property. 


Fair Market Value is defined as:  The price at which property would change hands, given a reasonable length of time, between a willing buyer and willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having a reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.  This sale is made to the ultimate consumer in the appropriate market level.


Read one of our Case Studies concerning divorce:  A Bronze Sculpture Is The Center Of A Divorce Dispute.