Art and Antique Appraisals



Art & Antique Furniture Consulting NJ and PA Consultation and Planning
By using our consulting services, our clients have saved millions of dollars when acquiring works of art and antiques.  ART DIRECTIVES, Inc. will guide you in determining the needs and purpose of your program and offer preliminary suggestions on how to achieve your goal.

Budget Planning
Whether you wish to acquire a single work of art, antique pieces or an entire collection, we will assist you in allocating your funds to your best advantage.  If you wish to sell or donate items, we will recommend the most appropriate means of disposition.

Review and Selection
With our world-wide networking system and knowledge of sources, including contacts in galleries, auction houses, museums, private dealers, and collections, we can locate and present a variety of fine works of art or antiques for your approval. We can also recommend the most appropriate placement for donation or sales of your property.

Framing and Installation
As part of our services, we arrange for museum-quality framing and secure installation. For the proper display of your acquisitions, we ideally place each individual work. We can also provide lighting and labeling.

Curatorial Service
An art inventory describing the works of art and documentation pertinent to the collection are prepared for each client. We can arrange for professional photographs to be taken of your completed art installation. We also prepare appraisals for insurance.

Educational Programs
We are available to facilitate interest in and an understanding of the collection for your employees, clients and the community through presentations, lectures and on-site tours. We offer programs on "Collecting and Appraising Fine Arts and Antiques", "The Importance of Protecting Your Collection", "American Furniture and Decorative Arts", "Art Nouveau and Art Deco", as well as other related topics.

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