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A Bronze Sculpture is the Center of a Divorce Dispute

The value of a bronze sculpture was being contested by a husband and wife in a divorce case. While the wife claimed the sculpture was extremely valuable, the husband contended that it was practically worthless.

A call was received by Art Directives Inc from the wife about the disputed sculpture. She was asked to bring it into the offices for appraisal. The sculpture depicted a seated female nude. It had a brown patina and was signed with the letter "G" on the bottom and marked Calif. Art Bronze Fnry, L.A.

In our research we determined that the sculpture was made by Gibbons. Because of his prominence and his contributions to the movie industry, the bronze sculpture by Gibbons would have great appeal to the collector of movie memorabilia. Therefore the piece was made more valuable by Gibbon's celebrity status.

In evaluating the Gibbons bronze sculpture, Art Directives took into consideration that, though there are no recorded sales for his art, his contributions to the motion picture industry enhanced the value of his personal artwork. By using comparables from other artists with celebrity status, Art Directives Inc. concluded that the fair market value of the bronze sculpture was $7,500.00.

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