Art and Antique Appraisals



Art Appraisals for Insurance Valuation ART DIRECTIVES has a long distinguished history in helping corporations and institutions determine the insurance value of their collections. 

Quite often, institutions and corporations with a long history may not even be aware of
the extent or value of the items they have come to acquire over the years. 

Our list of satisfied customers in the corporate and institutional arena speaks for itself.                                                                                                        View our client list

 can supply the expertise and personnel to tackle even a large institution's collection.  By documenting and archiving the entire process, we are able to arrive at an up-to-date appraisal for insurance purposes, or possible deacessioning of a collection.  In some cases this has never been undertaken by the institution.  

Many institutions and corporate collections are in dire need of updating insurance valuations.  During a move it is advisable to provide the moving company with an updated insurance appraisal. This will ensure that the collection is properly evaluated and insured against any type of damage that may occur.